Side effects of Dehydration

Water is a lifesaver. People always keep bragging about the importance of water and how important it is to stay hydrated. But, what is hydration all about? What are the benefits of staying hydrated? What happens when you do not stay hydrated? Today all of your questions will be answered.

Here are the side effects of dehydration that you must know

Prevents Constipation

The next time you experience constipation, you would want to check your water intake. Water plays an extremely important role when it comes to digestion. It helps ease out the entire process of digestion which helps in better bowel movements. Make sure you have a glass of water after having a meal.

Accelerates Aging

Investing in a high end cream for your dry skin isn’t going to help you, if you aren’t drinking enough water. Your skin needs hydration from within, so make sure you drink adequate water daily. Start your day by drinking a warm glass of water, this will help flush out all the toxins.

Poor brain performance

Your brain can get drained easily, considering the fact that it runs 24/7. In such cases, you need to feed your brain will fuel for it to keep working. Water acts as fuel and helps brain function. Drinking adequate water daily will also ensure improved brain function and prevent brain diseases.

Excessive body heat

Water does not only quench your thirst, but also helps in cooling your body down. Make sure you drink enough water daily, to keep the temperature of your body under control as dehydration can cause inflammation.

Heat stroke

The sun is shining bright as ever every day. The scorching heat of the sun can drain you and dehydrate you completely, which can result in heat stroke. Your water intake needs to increase when you are exposed to the sun.

Bad Breath

Now that is one hell of a Turn Off. Drinking water is a must, it helps get rid of all food particles, bacteria, etc. Water also encourages improved oral health.

Leads to low energy levels.

Ever wondered why a glass of water makes you feel so fresh and rejuvenated, while making tiredness disappear. That is because water is an instant energy booster that kicks out fatigue from the body. This is the reason why people are advised to drink water, especially when they workout considering the amount of physical energy workout demands.