What to eat post workout

When you hit the gym, your energy and motivation is at its peak whereas post workout, you tend to feel different. You feel exhausted and drained. That is because the workouts demand a lot of energy. While taking rest will seem like the most apt thing, it is important that you also eat something. You need to consume meals that recharge and replenish your body.

Here is a list of foods that you can eat to recharge yourself post workout :-

  • Post workout Smoothies

    Post workout smoothies are one of the quickest ways to make up for the lost energy. You can opt for options like green leafy smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes or fruit juices. Consuming such drinks help you rejuvenate, hydrate and refresh yourself.

  • Eggs

    Eggs are a great source of protein. Eggs can be consumed as both, a pre workout and post workout meal. Eggs are loaded with protein, fiber, minerals, which help you boost your energy. They are also light and satiating, which works wonders as you do not want to eat something heavy.

  • Quinoa

    It wouldn’t be wrong to term Quinoa as a super grain. Adding Quinoa to your post workout meal will make a world of a difference to your health. Quinoa contains healthy carbs and protein, which help speed up post workout recovery.

  • Salads

    Salads are one of the best foods that you can consume post workout. Most salads contain green leafy vegetables, which are high in fiber. High fiber foods need to be avoided before workout as they can cause digestive distress. Consuming the same post workout can help replenish blood sugar levels.

  • Water

    Water is the first thing that you need to have post workout. Workout makes you sweat a lot, which can cause dehydration. Therefore, make sure you drink water post workout before you reach for anything else.

  • Greek yogurt

    Yogurt is majorly consumed post meal for better digestion, but did you know that consuming yogurt post workout is equally beneficial. When you work out your body tends to heat up, which is also the reason why you sweat. Yogurt helps you calm down your body and also helps accelerate post workout recovery.

  • Assorted Nuts

    Post workout, most people do not like eating heavy. In such cases, consuming assorted nuts is one of the best things that you can do. Assorted nuts like almonds, cashew, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc are loaded with minerals, vitamins and Omega 3 which help you replenish your body.