Are eggs veg or non veg? Scientific facts settle the debate

Eggs are one of the best foods on planet earth. They are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Eggs are loaded with protein. They also contain 9 essential amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 and minerals, which work wonders for one’s health. However, in spite of the numerous benefits of eggs, vegetarians do not consume eggs. They consider eggs to be a non veg dish. At the same time, there has been a lot of debate with respect to whether eggs are veg or non veg. Today, the debate shall be settled on the basis of nothing but facts.

Eggs are obtained from chickens. Vegetarians avoid eggs because they believe that the eggs that they consume, were to be born as chicks. Which is why, they term it as non veg and avoid the consumption all together.

However, there is a huge difference between the eggs that are consumed and the eggs from which chicks are born. The eggs that are meant for consumption are unfertilized eggs, where as the eggs from which chicks are born are termed as fertilized eggs.

What is the difference between fertilized eggs and unfertilized eggs?

In order for a chick to be born, a hen would have to mate with a rooster. Such eggs are fertilized eggs. On the other hand, the eggs that we consume are the eggs that are not a result of mating. These eggs do not evolve into chicks.

The farmers at the poultry ensure that the hens and roster do not mate, and therefore keep them separate to prevent the production of fertilized eggs. As a result, the eggs that you get in the market are only unfertilized eggs, which are meant wholly and solely for consumption purpose.

Since, the egg was never going to turn into a chick. It is safe to say that eggs can be termed as veg. Also, since the egg was never going to turn into a chick in the first place, there is no flesh or meat involved. This makes it all the more certain, that eggs are veg.

People who consume eggs, but do not consume meat are Ovo – Lacto Vegetarians. The word ovo comes from a latin word which means egg, whereas lacto means dairy products. This means that such people do not consume meat, however, they do consume products that come from animals.