Guide to a Sick Person’s Diet

No matter how strong your immune system is, at some point or the other the viruses or germs will catch up and you will end up falling sick. Falling sick is one of the most dreadful feelings in the world and all you want is to get well ASAP. While medications help fight sickness, it is important that you watch your diet. Consuming the wrong foods can slow the recovery process, while eating the right foods can help you feel better and fasten the recovery process.

Here are a few foods that ought to be a part of your diet when you are sick


There is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup, especially when you are sick. Not to mention soup also comes with numerous health benefits that fight infection and boost the immune system. Chicken soup and veg clear soup is one of the best soups to have when you are sick.

Green Tea

Green tea has numerous health benefits and can work wonders when you are sick. It is high in infection fighting antioxidants that helps fasten the recovery process. It also further helps in strengthening the immunity system.

Warm water with Honey

Your body tends to get dehydrated when you are sick, especially in case of cold and fever. In such cases, it is important that you stay hydrated as much as possible. Having warm water will keep you stay hydrated and will also fight cold and flu. Adding Honey can work wonders as honey has medical properties that help fight sickness.


Yogurt is mostly consumed post food for better digestion. People who consume yogurt on a daily basis are less prone to sickness however, consuming yogurt when you are sick can help you feel better. One bowl of plain yogurt is more than enough. You can have it with or without sugar, but make sure you do not add to much sugar.

Spicy Foods

People tend to avoid spicy foods when they are sick, however eating spicy can help you get well soon. Spicy foods are considered as natural decongestants as they help provide a sign of relief. Every time you eat spicy foods, you will notice your eyes and nose begin to water. This helps clear the congestion which can help you feel better. You can consume spicy foods like chili peppers, wasabi, or horseradish.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed on a daily basis, sick or not sick. It is high in fiber, which helps in boosting immunity. Increase your green leafy vegetable intake when you are sick. This will help boost fight infections.