What to eat post workout

When you hit the gym, your energy and motivation is at its peak whereas post workout, you tend to feel […]

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What should you eat before your workout?

So, it is time to hit the gym. Your excitement is either at its peak or you are dreading it […]

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Fat Loss Science

Let us understand the science behind FAT LOSS!

If we look at our body, it is made mostly out of proteins and fats. Starting from the membrane of […]

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Side effects of Dehydration

Water is a lifesaver. People always keep bragging about the importance of water and how important it is to stay […]

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Sick Person’s Diet

Guide to a Sick Person’s Diet

No matter how strong your immune system is, at some point or the other the viruses or germs will catch […]

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Cheat Day Food

How to slay cheat day without affecting your fitness

If you are someone who has been following a strict diet, then nothing makes you happier than cheat day. It […]

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Are eggs veg or non veg? Scientific facts settle the debate

Eggs are one of the best foods on planet earth. They are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. Eggs are […]

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Protein Diet

5 Super High Protein Foods to incorporate in your diet

Protein is a term that often comes up while discussing health and fitness. Protein plays an essential role when it […]

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