• Baked Egg Meal
  • Cheesy Grill Bread Roll
  • Ragi Roll
  • Puzzle Fruits
  • Rainbow Baked Eggs



About Us

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Frunch is a nouvelle enterprise and a concept arrived at by observing the day to day issues relating to diet planning and also its execution. We saw that inspite of regimes given by nutritionists, the clients forget or ignore the schedule. Frunch is extensively instrumental in solving this problem.

It is a nutritious and customised food service, worked on by our team of chefs and delivered to your doorstep. We endeavour to make your food as tasty and as satisfying as possible and present it in an eye-catching way. Each meal will be a surprise to wait for with bated breath!

This is how we operate - once we have scheduled an appointment with you, our frunchonist will pay you a brief visit to the venue of your convenience. She/he will get all the specifications we need to make you a healthy and nutritious meal and in two days' time your meals will start getting delivered to you at the venue of your choice. The plan is customised to your body requirements, so no sharing! :P

We will also monitor your progress. You can call us and give feedback on our meals. Every suggestion will be gratefully accepted and acted upon.

We deliver four meals a day of which two meals get delivered at one time and the next two meals separately in the later half to prevent staleness creeping into the meal and to get it to you as fresh as possible.

Sunday can be your cheat day and you can eat whatever you want within the parameters of the diet plan which will be given to you, but in case you would like to have food delivered to you on a Sunday, we can cater to that too.

We currently operate from Mumbai and are based in Malad. However with your patronage we plan to extend our invaluable services to many other locations throughout India and the world.

So, let's shape a healthy world together!

Frunch Team